Artists + Ticketmaster Team Up with #VerifiedFan  

Advances in technology have been great for the ticketing industry and Ticketmaster has been at the forefront, from online ticket-buying to pioneering paperless tickets.

We’re committed to making the ticket-buying process easier, providing fans with the safest and most reliable access to tickets, and combating scalpers and bots that get in the way of real fans seeing the artists and shows they love.

Our newest weapon in the battle against the bots is Ticketmaster #VerifiedFan – a product that changes the mechanisms of an onsale so that the speed of bots is no longer a factor in the rush to get tickets. Verified Fan combines technology and data science to remove bots from the ticket-buying experience.

We’ve recently partnered with several artists (among them: Dead & Company, Muse, Ed Sheeran and John Mayer) to power their artist presales with our #VerifiedFan technology and it’s working. While demand for these shows is incredibly high, we’re confident that the people who have purchased tickets through #VerifiedFan are real fans who intend to go the shows themselves!


  1. An artist announces a Presale powered by #VerfiedFan and drives fans to a unique registration page.
  2. Fans register by connecting their mobile number, email, Ticketmaster account, and selects the show(s) they are interested in purchasing.
  3. After the registration period, Ticketmaster uses its proprietary data science technology and an automated and manual process to ensure only real fans participate in the purchase process.
  4. Finally, each qualifying #VerifiedFan receives a unique offer code that provides them access to purchase Presale tickets powered by Ticketmaster #VerifiedFan.

Nearly one million fans have already participated in Ticketmaster #VerifiedFan programs with great success. While this product doesn’t guarantee every fan will get a ticket because demand may still be greater than supply, #VerifiedFan is a major step forward in leveling the playing field so that fans are only competing with each other for tickets, and not fighting against bots.

#VerifiedFan is just the latest example of Ticketmaster’s commitment to making the ticket buying experience easier and more accessible for fans as the industry leader in live entertainment.

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