Indianapolis Colts Home Schedule 2019

The Indianapolis Colts open their 2019 NFL season on the road but open at home vs. the Atlanta Falcons (Sept. 22) in Week 3. They follow that up at home vs. the Oakland Raiders (Sept. 29) in Week 4.

The Colts have an early bye in Week 6. Their AFC South matchups after the bye include Week 7 vs. the Houston Texans (Oct. 20), Week 11 vs. the Jacksonville Jaguars (Nov 17), and Week 13 vs. the Tennessee Titans (Dec. 1). Their last home game of the season is Week 16 against the Carolina Panthers (Dec. 22).

2019 Indianapolis Colts Home Schedule

Schedule Date Opponent Time (Eastern)
Preseason Sat, Aug. 17 vs. Cleveland Browns 4:00 PM
Preseason Sat, Aug. 24 vs. Chicago Bears 4:00 PM
Week 3 Sun, Sept. 22 vs. Atlanta Falcons 1:00 PM
Week 4 Sun, Sept. 29 vs. Oakland Raiders 1:00 PM
Week 7 Sun, Oct. 20 vs. Houston Texans 1:00 PM
Week 8 Sun, Oct. 27 vs. Denver Broncos 4:25 PM
Week 10 Sun, Nov. 10 vs. Miami Dolphins 4:05 PM
Week 11 Sun, Nov. 17 vs. Jacksonville Jaguars 1:00 PM
Week 13 Sun, Dec. 1 vs. Tennessee Titans 1:00 PM
Week 16 Sun, Dec. 22 vs. Carolina Panthers 1:00 PM

Indianapolis Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium

The Colts, founded in 1953, play at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana. The stadium seats 67,000 and opened in 2008. It is located in downtown Indianapolis and includes an underground walkway to the Indiana Convention Center. Lucas Oil Stadium features a retractable roof and window wall.

Indianapolis Colts Seating Chart – Lucas Oil Stadium

Indianapolis Colts Seating Chart

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All game times are local and subject to change.

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