Everything You Need to Know About Your Backstreet Boys NFT

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are digital collectibles you can own. NFTs prove their authenticity and ownership through information stored on the blockchain. As a gesture of appreciation, the Backstreet Boys have sent their very first NFT to ticket purchasers who held on to their Backstreet Boys DNA World Tour tickets in North America. Some ticket purchasers  might also receive a 2nd ultra rare meet and greet NFT that will invite them to meet the guys at the show!

To view your Backstreet Boys DNA World Tour 2022 NFT:

  1. Tap the “View My NFT” button in the email you received from Ticketmaster
  2. Sign in using your Ticketmaster/Live Nation account (the same email and password you used when you bought your Backstreet Boys tickets)
  3. Once you sign in, you can view your DNA World Tour 2022 NFT
  4. You can tap on the NFT for more details about your digital collectible


What can I do with my Backstreet Boys NFT?

You can view and show off the Backstreet Boys NFT you own any time by tapping here and signing in with the same account you used when you first viewed the NFT. 

As the owner of your Backstreet Boys NFT you can:

  1. Share a link to view it on social media so your friends can see it in your gallery
  2. Give it to another fan
  3. List it for sale to another Backstreet Boys fan

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