Country Music Festival Survival Guide

Think you’ve got what it takes to attend a country music festival this summer? Sure, it may seem like all you need to do is get the tickets and show up, but if you want to go all out at any of the Country Music Festivals we’ve listed below, we recommend bringing the following to survive:

  • Patriotic anything. Why? Cause, ‘MERICA, that’s why!
  • Cowboy boots. Obviously this is already on your country fest checklist (along with the matching cowboy hat), but make sure the boots don’t hurt your feet before trying to shake it for Luke Bryan.
  • An empty stomach. This is best summed up in two-word sentences: Chili cook-offs. BBQ cook-offs. Food trucks. Oh my.

  • Denim, denim and more denim. Doesn’t even need to match, just needs to be jeans.
  • A broken heart. We’re mostly kidding here. But still—there’s nothing like singing Redneck Crazy at the top of your lungs alongside your broken-hearted brethren. It’s a sure-fire way to find a new set of fest friends to hang out with.
  • Red Solo Cups. Heed the example set by Toby Keith—fill ’em up! Then, proceed to party.

Must-see Country Music Festivals

  • watershed country music festival tickets
  • Watershed Festival – Fans on gave this a 4.6 out of 5 rating. Pick up Tickets while they are hot!
  • Faster Horses – Enter our #IWANTFESTTIX festival contest and roll like a VIP to Faster Horses. Hurry, the contest ends on May 25, 2014!
  • Jamboree In the Hills – Be the first to review Jamboree in the Hills!
  • Delta Country Jam – Fans on gave this a 4.3 out of 5 rating. Read more fan reviews for Delta Country Jam.
  • RibFest 2014 – Lynard Skynard is headlining the final day at Ribfest, don’t miss this Country Music Festival in South Dakota.



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