The Ongoing Battle to Make Access to Tickets Fair for You

Today in New Jersey, the notorious nefarious brokers – known at the Wiseguys – were sentenced as felons in US Federal court. On behalf of fans everywhere, Ticketmaster would like to thank law enforcement and the prosecuting attorneys for their efforts in bringing these criminals to justice. (See the press release from the US District Attorney’s Office, District of New Jersey.)

As important as today is, our work is not even close to being done. There continue to be nefarious brokers who use sophisticated tools – often known as bots – to cut in line ahead of you and scoop up large quantities of tickets, only to turn around and sell them to fans at many times the face value of the tickets. The use of these bots is illegal, it violates our terms of use, and it is on the rise. Worst of all, these bots prevent you from getting a fair shot at tickets to the event you want to see live. When you shop at Ticketmaster, we want you to be happy every time. This nefarious brokering activity gets in the way of your happiness, and so we are hard at work fighting it on your behalf.

We will continue to work with law enforcement and all others to make sure that illegal nefarious brokers are shut down and brought to justice. We call on others in the industry to stand with us in this fight. Some companies, particularly ticket reseller sites, are shying away from this fight because illegal activity is good for their business. Well guess what? We’re in the ticket reselling business too. But we believe in resale done right, which means fans ALWAYS come first. You can be confident that artists, teams, venues, and promoters – all the people who are involved in creating the events you love – are behind us and join us in supporting you in this fight. And together we won’t ever stop fighting to protect your right to get fair access to tickets. Today is only the beginning.


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