Then & Now: Girl Bands

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Boy bands like One Direction and Emblem 3 are taking over as the era of boy bands commences. Their fandoms continue to grow more and more as the groups produce not only music but movies, TV ventures, and worldwide tours. However, it’s not just the guys that are rising in fame.

Girl groups have been prominent since the 1960s and have continued to become more popular. Starting with groups like the Supremes, girl groups have evolved over the years to become prominent influences in pop and r&b music. From TLC to The Pussycat Dolls, Destiny’s Child to Fifth Harmony, girl groups from the past and present tend to be positive upbeat role models that get us dancing!

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Then & Now: Boy Bands

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The advent of boy bands began as early as the 1900s with the presence of acapella barbershop quartets. They have evolved over the years to become some of the highest grossing figures in music, TV and film. Synonymous with upbeat songs, great dancing, and even better hair, boy bands are here to stay. Because it might be a little hard to keep up, we prepared a timeline of the world’s most prominent boy bands. Their style may have changed, but the core fundamentals of boy bands remains the same. What do they all have in common? Why, their irresistible charm of course!

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