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Three Day Weekend?!? Go Here Over Presidents Day Weekend

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Did you know that Presidents Day is officially referred to as George Washington's Birthday? The term Presidents Day began after the holiday was moved as part of 1971's Uniform Monday Holiday Act, which was an attempt to create more three day weekends. The ironic thing about George Washington's birthday is that it is always on the third Monday in February...not possible. Not possible to have your birthday on a floating date because the day would change, yearly!

Anyways...another 3-day weekend is approaching and we want to help you prepare and get out of town! Last year was a drag and you had no idea about the 3-day weekend until 5pm on Friday. No, not this year!



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Hot Winter 2014 Shows in Your Area

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It's January, and yes, the dead of winter.. so what is one to do with these frigid temperatures and a deep freeze that stretches almost entirely across this great nation?

We don't pat ourselves on the back or anything (well, we might), but we do know that we're the leader in live entertainment for one very obvious reason -- we have an endless amount of live events that have great appeal to any and all fans! Moms, kids, concert-goers, ravers, sports enthusiasts, theater buffs, you name it and we have it! What show gets you the most excited? From Super Bowl XLVIII, Miley Cyrus to Disney's Aladdin -  we have what you need to keep you entertained throughout winter 2014. So dust of those boots, dig out of that drive-way, and prepare to enjoy some of these scorching hot winter events! ...


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