On a Scale from One to Bald Eagle:
July Must-hear Patriotic songs

patriotic spotify playlist at ticketmaster

From the moment the hot dogs hit the grill until the first fireworks light up the night sky, good music is a must-have for any Fourth of July backyard BBQ. If you’re looking for a true-blue, American summer playlist for your party, the one we created below has songs—including hits from Bruce Springsteen, Katy Perry, The Beach Boys, Toby Keith, Kanye West and more—that every guest will enjoy.

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Jokes on You! 10 Songs for April Fools Day

april fools day playlist artist tickets

All Fools’ Day, a yearly tradition centered around pulling pranks on your friends. Yes! What could be sweeter?! It may not be a recognized holiday but it is celebrated around the world and has been for centuries. One of the earliest references of April Fool’s Day dates back to Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales which was written in 1392!

April Fool’s Day is not only celebrated amongst friends but even public media has gotten involved on the humor. Remember in 1957 when the BBC pulled the Swiss Spaghetti Harvest trick? Or maybe all of the hilarious April’s Fools gags on Saturday Night Live and the Tonight Show.

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#MusicMonday March 2014 – What Are You Listening To?

#Music Monday March 2014 Ticketmaster Music

March not only marks the start of Spring, but it introduces many onsales for some of the biggest summer tours! From Skrillex to Santana and everywhere in between, chances are an artist you enjoy is hitting the road this summer. In honor of #MusicMonday, we’re highlighting some of the biggest tours going on sale this month that’s on our playlist today! Which artist are you listening to this #MusicMonday?

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Staff Picks: Coachella Music Festival


Since the inaugural event in 1999, the Coachella Music and Arts Festival has become beloved amongst music fans. A true trailblazer, Coachella booked Rage Against the Machine, The Chemical Brothers, Morrissey, Tool, Beck, Gil Scott Heron, DJ Shadow, Tool and more in its first year. This was in 1999, heavy!

After a hiatus in 2000, Coachella has been consistently running since 2001. In 2014, 15 years since fans first flooded the festival grounds in Indio, California, Coachella enjoys an impressive, worldwide reputation. Live events now have a new category; music festivals. Music festivals of all sizes, on every continent, focus on every genre of music and often include other live performances, such as comedy, dance, and more. Festivals like Coachella provide a truly unique arena to enjoy the art of live music and we simply love them.

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Opening Acts that Blew Up

You’ve gotta start somewhere. Many of music’s biggest talents got their big breaks opening concerts for others. It’s a tough job playing for audiences who often don’t know your songs. It’s even tougher to turn them into true fans. But that’s just what the artists on our list did.

We love catching opening acts. Sometimes they outshine the headliners (it’s awesome when that happens). So at your next concert, we urge you to show up unfashionably early. You may discover your new favorite – and get the right to brag about being a fan before everyone else if they do go big. Read the rest of this entry »

Ticketmaster Employee Playlist: Winter 2014

Everyone has that song they put on repeat 30 times (maybe more) in a row. The song that they can’t seem to skip. The song that they play each morning when waking up to start their day off right. Or maybe it’s that song they obnoxiously sing out loud  as they drive alone in their car. As you read this, hopefully you’re shaking your head in agreement and that, as a matter of fact, that “song of the moment” is now playing in your head right now. If so – great! Mission accomplished.

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