An Inside Look at Outside Lands 2014 with #IWantFestTix Winner Tracey E.


We’ve been catching up with our talented #IWantFestTix winners about their festival experiences, and their stories are truly inspiring. Next up is Tracey E., whose stunning photograph of Muse frontman Matthew Bellamy earned her and 3 guests a trip to Outside Lands 2014 in San Francisco. Tracey is a budding photographer, and the trip gave her the opportunity to dig deeper into her passion — her prize package included a photo pit pass that allowed her to take professional photos alongside media photographers. Here’s what she had to say about the emotional experience:

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HARD Summer an Easy Favorite for #IWantFestTix Winner Haseeb A.


We’ve been recapping with the winners of the #IWantFestTix Flyaway Contest, and so far their stories have given us serious FOMO (fear of missing out). Haseeb A.’s experience is no different — his moving photograph of a wheelchair-bound concertgoer crowd surfing earned him and three friends a trip to Los Angeles for HARD Summer. As he tells it, it was the perfect way to end the summer before heading back to school:

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Behind the Scenes at Faster Horses 2014 with #IWantFestTix Winner Vanessa S.


Earlier this year we put out the call for epic concert photos as part of the #IWantFestTix Flyaway Contest. The prize? An all-access festival experience for each winner to share with three lucky guests. Vanessa S. was our talented winner for Faster Horses 2014 in Michigan — her beautiful black and white photo of Keith Urban perfectly conveyed the exhilaration of the concert experience and left no doubt in our minds she would make the most of the weekend. As part of her prize she and her guests were flown out to the festival and given the full VIP treatment, including a backstage tour. Here’s what she had to say about the experience: Read the rest of this entry »

From Concert Tickets to Sporting Events, Give a Ticketmaster Gift Card

Give a Gift Card this Holiday Season

Now that fall has arrived and school is underway, the warm, relaxing days of summer seem to be a distant memory in your rear view mirror. Up ahead, approaching faster than any of us would like to admit, is the holiday season. Pop-up Halloween stores seem to be everywhere you look. Thanksgiving décor will soon be inescapable. Then, of course, comes the holiday season. It’s known as the most wonderful time of year, but for some of us it feels like a last-minute scramble to buy gifts that we’ll stay up wrapping until 5 AM.

Despite the promises we made to ourselves last year to get our birthday and holiday shopping done early, here we are again at the eleventh hour with no gifts to give. Zilch. Zippo. Enter the Ticketmaster Gift Card.

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Remember When…
14 Moments of 2014 Festival Season

2014 Festival Season Photo Video Moments
The bad news: as summer gradually slips away, so have music festivals. The good news: we have photos and videos to reminisce on the great times and keep the memories alive for years to come. So join us as we  take a stroll down memory lane with the top 14 festival moments of 2014.

1. FYF: When Darkside left the crowd speechless after one of their final performances ever.

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The Perks of Being a Season Ticket Holder

Interested in becoming a season ticket holder? Check out these perks first.

Okay, we all know that the best season ticket perk in the history of the universe is the actual season ticket. Being able to see your team play every home game for an entire season? To be there, in the stands, when they take on their biggest rival? To jump and cheer with tens of thousands of other fans in a heart-pounding, blood-pumping rush of excitement?

That’s impossible to beat. But a few extra gifts are always nice.

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Where Can I Buy Tickets Near Me?

how to pick up tickets at a Ticketmaster retail location

Are you planning to pick up your tickets at a Ticketmaster retail location? Or maybe you want to pay in cash or grab a gift card quickly. Ticketmaster retail outlets have got you covered, and with over 2,500 of them in the U.S. there’s probably one right in your backyard.

How to Buy Tickets at a Ticketmaster Retail Location
So how do you find your nearest retail location so you can buy tickets? It’s simple! Just follow these steps:

  1. Go here to find a Ticketmaster Retail Location.
  2. Click Search Here under “Want to buy tickets at a retail outlet?”
  3. Enter where you live (your address, your city and state, or your ZIP code all work fine).
  4. You’ll get a list and map of all the outlets close to you.

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CAPTCHA Tips – Get the Tickets You Want

Captcha Tips - Get The Tickets You Want

Your tickets are being attacked by bots. No, not science fiction robots. We’re talking automated programs that some nefarious brokers use to tie up our system, buy up big blocks of tickets, and prevent you from getting any. These bots typically aim to grab all of the tickets so nefarious brokers can resell them at a higher price to fans later. Thankfully, we have weapons to help stop that from happening–warped words. Read on to learn how these little words help save the day for real fans like you.

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