Stand by Your Friends – Help the Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Relief Effort!

The devastation that is still unfolding in Japan affects the hearts and minds of us all. In the wake of this unimaginable series of events, we are humbled that we can use our ecommerce resources to lend a hand to the American Red Cross and help raise funds for the relief efforts. Please help in supporting the American Red Cross and the crucial aid and relief they are providing to those affected by the earthquake in Japan and tsunami throughout the Pacific.
You can start helping now by simply visiting Ticketmaster or Live Nation to make a donation. Or add an optional $5 donation at checkout when you buy tickets for most US events on or from March 30th through April 30th. 100% of your gift goes directly to the American Red Cross to support the relief effort and emergency services. For more information about Ticketmaster and the American Red Cross, please visit

From all of us at the Ticketmaster Family we thank you for your generosity and send our hope, love, and support to all affected by the Japan earthquake and Pacific tsunami.

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