Music Festival Checklist: Time to Prepare


Music festival season is almost here! Have you mapped out which ones you’ll be attending this year? What type of festivals do you attend? The one’s where you round the troops and camp out? Those that you take your kids to and enjoy a picnic amphitheater?

We love festival season for this exact reason — it brings everyone together! No matter what festival, we know that you are some of the most loyal fans out there! But wait, before you make those plans to attend your next festival, don’t forget these essential items below. We want you to have the best experience possible!

The Essentials:

• Verified Tickets – Your one-way entry to your music paradise. Forget them and you lose, while all your friends are winning.

• ID/Cash/Cards – A no brainer, but an essential if you’re spending the day or night with us!

• Keys – Don’t forget, you eventually have to get back home. Or put them in your backpack and stay the night with us?

• Directions- We don’t want you to get lost, we want you to have a good time! Having a map is at times essential when locating some of the best amphitheaters! At times they can be a challenge to find, but that’s only because they are in the most beautiful places in the world.

• Festival Maps & Set Times – Who’s up next? Having a festival map and a list of who’s playing where is likely needed when you’re hoping to catch some of your favorite performers!

• Camera – You’ll likely want to remember this one, we promise. Bring your camera and relive the experience with friends or family who weren’t able to make it. Hell, share your experience with us on Instagram by tagging #Ticketmaster in your post!

• Phone – “Hey Jon, what stage you at?” Yep, you’ll need your phone to coordinate with your friends what mosh pit to enter next. Bring your phone and stay connected!

• Water – No matter what the conditions, stay hydrated. We want to make sure our fans stay safe, so make sure to keep sipping on that water throughout the event.


• Raincoat – Did you check the weather before you left? You might need to prepare because most amphitheaters and festivals are rain or shine! Bring your jackets or raincoats, and thank us later for the tip!

• Windbreaker – Block that harsh weather and be prepared.

• Shades – Stay cool, festival go-ers. Stay cool.

• Kicks – Ones you can tear up and rave to shreds. Not those you hope will see another day!

• Extra Shirt – You know to wave it round the air, spin it like a helicopter or in case you get some unwanted bodily fluid on your faux Versace trying to be the next Riff Raff. Stop, Now…

Overnight Items:

• Toiletries – Stay so fresh and so clean, your friends will appreciate it.

• Charger – So you can stay sync’d with your crew …And not get lost every 5 minutes because somebody, annoyingly wants to move up to the front. You were there first, right? Right.

• Tent – Your place of sanctuary and rehabilitation. Maybe some nice aromatherapy oils to rejuice your mind and body. Think about it… Watch out for bears!

• Blankets/Sleeping Bag – Or any items for warmth so you can get at least a couple hours of shut eye before that 32 oz. double-coffee-whatever you’re drinking before day 2, 3, 4, 5, life…

Everything else…well you could probably get those items from the person next to you or from your future festival friend. What better place than to make new friends that enjoy the same thing you do?
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Checkout our Festival Playlist below and get excited!


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