The Eagles bring back over 40 years of
music on their History of the Eagles Tour

The Eagles

After 40 years, the legacy of the country rock sound from The Eagles still lives on! The Eagles are travelling the world again for their History of The Eagles tour. They will be in the United States starting on August 25th through October 4th totaling 18 shows in 13 states.

Don’t miss a chance to hear the hits such as “Hotel California”, “Witchy Woman”, and “Take it Easy”. On their official website, they have announced that they will also be playing songs that have never been performed live!

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Since The Eagles formed in 1971, the band has left its mark on American music culture. With their longtime hits, such as “Hotel California”, “Lyin’ Eyes” and “Tequila Sunrise”, they captured the California sound of the 1970’s. Yet, there are some little known facts that many listeners do not know about the rock band.

Did You Know?

  1. Before the group settled on the name The Eagles they called themselves The Teen King and the Emergencies.1

  2. The character Russel Hammond in the movie Almost Famous is largely based on Glenn Frey.2

  3. Don Henley studied mime and African dance to be more comfortable in front of audiences during shows.1

  4. The Eagles received the highest recognition in the Rock n Roll world being inducted in the Rock N Roll hall of fame in 1998.3

  5. The Eagles Tour will feature founding guitarist Bernie Leadon. WHAT!? HUGE! Read more over at Rolling Stone Magazine.

All the more reason to check out the Eagles on tour! Find the Eagles tour dates in your city below

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