Bye-bye Squiggly Lines

Every day I hear from fans about how much they dislike CAPTCHA (those squiggly lines at checkout). CAPTCHA is one of the things we do to get as many tickets as possible to fans who want to go to the show versus people whose only intent for purchasing is to resell for an astronomical profit. While the current CAPTCHA solution is effective in helping us identify and slow down BOTS (for more info on what BOTS are and what we do to fight them, check out this blog post) that unfairly cut the line, and swoop up some of the best seats to popular shows, it isn’t a great fan experience.

I could not be more excited to share with you today that we are dramatically improving this for you, on both and our Ticketmaster mobile App for iPhone (and coming soon to the Android App).  For the past year we have worked and searched for a better, more fan-friendly solution that still is secure and harder for BOTS.

In the Ticketmaster App for mobile, CAPTCHA is going away, poof! When you install the Ticketmaster App, you will be asked to enable “Push Notifications” and once enabled, our system will automatically work with your device to authenticate that you are a fan so you can purchase straight away.

There are also great new companies popping up that are working to develop innovative ways to address the problem online. We are delighted to share that we have implemented something new with Solve Media, a hot New York start up. Solve Media has great, innovative underlying technology that works to predict if you are a person or BOT.

If you are identified as a real person, you will have to type in real words or in some cases, a phrase from an ad presented to you by Solve Media. This won’t redirect you any place and your information isn’t going to be shared with anyone, the Solve Media solution simply offers our fans a better experience and will make it harder for BOTS used by scalpers.

We will continue to refine our ticket buying process to make it better for real fans and harder for BOTS, in the meantime, give it a try and let us know what you think, email us at

Thanks for being a fan!

Flexible Mobile Search with Center Point Search

Event search is the most used feature on Ticketmaster. The Ticketmaster team has delivered some great search enhancements for, like predictive search and supporting act display. Our mobile team has also worked to improve the search experience in the Ticketmaster app for the iPhone®. Our team set out to leverage all the powerful capabilities of mobile devices.

For one of our first mobile search enhancements, we wanted to give you the ability to see events around you based on your actual location.

Point radius search gives you the ability to select how far you’re willing to travel and it presents the live event options within that distance. When searching for an event, you will be able to determine how far you want to travel by using the radius slider. Maybe you are looking for an event that will fit into a weekend road trip or maybe you are looking for something a little closer to home, the radius slider will allow you to completely customize the search results based on distance. We took this concept further by displaying events outside of the radius, giving you two buckets of results: one of events within your desired radius and another of events outside. You can quickly reset the center point of your search by entering a city or a zip code. We’d love to hear what you think, email us at or hit the email button below.

We are working hard on other great features for the Ticketmaster apps. Thank you for being a fan!

Summer Just Got More Social: Live Nation’s
New Concert Calendar Facebook® App Is Here!

Live Nation Concert Calendar

Summer’s just around the corner, and we can’t imagine a better complement for the summer concert season than a brand spankin’ new concert discovery app. Live Nation is thrilled to unveil a treasure trove of live music goods in true social networking style. After private beta testing with some of our most social fans, we discovered  that fans enjoy seeing what shows their friends are hitting, competing for points against each other and cashing in on rewards. And now, we have an app for that!

Our brand new Concert Calendar Facebook® app features official concert listings (but of course), social recommendations and fun gaming features including music-related badges, a point system a leaderboard to keep track and the best part, real-world rewards like Concert Cash® will be up for grabs. Concert Cash can be used towards thousands of Live Nation items, from concert tickets to band T-shirts to signed merchandise. All to help fans better enjoy the sweet connectivity and nostalgia of live shows that just can’t be beat!

The public beta version of Concert Calendar is ready for the digital enjoyment and feedback of all music fans. Here is TechCrunch’s review of our app.  We want to know what you think, so leave your feedback here. Your feedback is crucial as it helps us continue to deliver dynamic social features and ways to keep you in the know when it comes to engaging in your ultimate concert planning experience. Now, let’s bring on the summer heat!  Thanks for being a fan!

Helping fans find what they need, even faster

Predictive search illustrated on TM.comWe have worked hard in the last couple of years to launch a number of ground-breaking innovations to help you discover events and make ticket purchasing as social and seamless as possible. Our ticketing app for Facebook®, mobile app, Facebook tagging in our interactive seat maps and acquisition of are some of the features on our highlight reel. While we were working on those, we didn’t forget about our mainstay,

A lot of the fans who land on our home page proceed immediately to search box at the top of the page and type in an artist team or venue name. We have recently added two features that will help you search much more efficiently – predictive search and supporting act display.

Predictive search allows fans to find what they are searching for more quickly and easily by suggesting popular artists and venues as fans types their search terms. Fans can then choose a suggestion without having to type the entire term. This will help with potential misspellings and incomplete search terms. When you select one of the suggestions a more targeted set of search results are returned, this helps you get to the event page faster.

The order of suggestions is based on a combination of lexical proximity and recent page views & tickets sales conducted on This ensures that the most relevant artists and venues are suggested prominently, while our very long tail of smaller artists and venues are still accessible – something that has always been challenging, given the hundreds of thousands of live-events offered on our site, and the wide variations in the way fans enter for artists (“Florence + the Machine” vs. “Florence & the Machine” vs. “Florence and the Machine”).

Supporting act displayWith supporting act display you can now find the opening band and see the full list of performers at larger festivals on Additionally, fans can learn more about the artist, read user-reviews of previous shows, and see their other upcoming concert dates by clicking any of the artists’ names to view their individual page.

We are gathering feedback on fans’ reaction to these and we continue to work on further enhancements within the live-event search & discovery paths. Let us know what you think and thank you for being a fan!

Ticketmaster’s Ticketing App on Facebook®

Recommendations from Ticketmaster's ticketing app on Facebook

We’ve been leading the way in building cool social products to help people get the most out of live events. So we’re excited about our latest social product, Ticketmaster’s Ticketing App on Facebook. We’re still blushing, as Tech Crunch deemed our app as most impressive of the night during a Facebook event earlier this year. Even our friends at Facebook are talking about us.
The app is another option for you to learn about upcoming shows and purchase tickets on Facebook, where you are already spending time (it’s OK, we spend a lot of time on Facebook too).

One of the coolest features in this new product is that the store will recommend upcoming shows to you based on what you listen to through online music services – like Spotify, Rdio, iHeartRadio and others. We’re tapping into the Open Graph to make your experiences all about you. So log in, install the app, grab your friends and go see something live!

We’re going to keep innovating and building cool social experiences to help you get the most out of live events and make them even more amazing.

Grab Your iPhone

Ticketmaster app for iPhone

We’ve just launched our Ticketmaster app for iPhone®! You can download the free app from the: App Store.
This app will let you browse events and purchase tickets in real time from wherever you are. If you have your iPhone location services turned on, you can choose to have the app suggest upcoming local shows. It scans your library of music and makes recommendations based on relevant shows in your area. You can further personalize by using more than 40 filters.

We’ll be making a bunch of enhancements to it over the coming year, but we wanted to get the first version into your hands as soon as possible, because we know how much you love live events! There’s much more to come, so let us know what you think so far, we want your feedback so we can build the best experience for you.

Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

We’re happy to announce that you can now choose your exact seats for most Major League Baseball games on We’ve added our new Interactive Seat Maps to America’s favorite pastime!

Due to the size of these stadiums (usually around 50,000 seats), this was no small undertaking–but well worth the effort. As you can see by the examples below, there’s now no better to way to find the best seats you want at most of our MLB clients’ ballparks. Check it out and as always, let us know what you think.

Yankees vs. Red Sox

Dodgers vs. Giants

Angels vs. Rangers

Braves vs. Phillies

Evolving Social Commerce

Back in November we announced our new Facebook integration on and and we’re excited to share a quick update on how it’s driving great engagement on our sites and more importantly, driving incremental ticket sales on behalf of our clients. Each day we are getting thousands of RSVPs (people hitting the ‘attending’ button), ‘likes’ from artist and venue pages, and ‘recommends’ on our event pages.

To date, the traffic and sales that those drive make each RSVP worth over $5 in sales for our clients. Each Like or Recommend is worth just under $3. And those numbers don’t count engagement and sales driven through the modules on our site, or someone being made aware of a show coming to town by seeing a story in their newsfeed and then coming back and buying tickets later.

Here are a few examples:

Artist/Team/Show pages with good ‘Like’ activity and recent ‘RSVPs’:


Taylor Swift


Detroit Red Wings

Event pages ‘Recommends’:

New Kids/Backstreet Boys

Kenny Chesney


It’s a great start as we evolve into one of the most social commerce sites on the web and mobile, and we’re not stopping here. Stay tuned for more to come…

1,000,000 Fan Reviews and Counting

We want to hear from you and so do other fans! Since we launched fan reviews on in July 2009, armies of enthusiastic fans of all kinds of events have been busy writing, rating, and reading. As of this post, we’ve counted more than 1 million reviews in the US and Canada for 4,500 artists, teams, and shows!

How did we surpass 1 million? Every day we email thousands of post-event review invitations to ticket buyers. In return, we’ve received an amazing response from fans eager to report on their live show experiences for fellow fans.

As we work to develop what’s next in social commerce and community building for our site, we’re thrilled that reviews are becoming a useful decision tool for fans, with go-to content that captures the unequaled experience of a live show or game. One of our favorite examples is a Disney On Ice recap from one young fan, whose father included this fun video to help share the moment:

As music discovery evolves, and thousands of new bands appear every year, our reviews will hopefully help you identify the standout shows. Take the French band Phoenix – their current hit album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix helped make them a commercial success.

So how are they live? Well, their recent sold-out Hollywood Bowl show helped earn them an amazing 4.7 stars out of 5. Check out what fans are saying about Phoenix on

“Impressive. Their energy is infectious- everyone was up and into the show. I mean everyone –18,000 people having a great time. They were gracious, happy to be playing at the bowl and really wowed. If you have a chance to go see them live, do it! You will not be disappointed.” Posted 09/20/2010 by Boots110

“I honestly didn’t know what to expect, having only heard Phoenix a few times on the radio. I was completely blown away, ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! They have such a good stage presence, their sound and lighting was exceptional and the band is sooo personable and was totally playing for the crowd before walking out to sing with them and inviting them onstage during the finale : )) I absolutely loved them and I can’t wait to see them when they tour LA again!!” Posted 09/20/2010 by SunshineAK

See all reviews for Phoenix on and let us hear your voice – share the experience after your next event!