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Flexible Mobile Search with Center Point Search

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Event search is the most used feature on Ticketmaster. The Ticketmaster team has delivered some great search enhancements for, like predictive search and supporting act display. Our mobile team has also worked to improve the search experience in the Ticketmaster app for the iPhone®. Our team set out to leverage all the powerful capabilities of mobile devices.

For one of our first mobile search enhancements, we wanted to give you the ability to see events around you based on your actual location.

Point radius search gives you the ability to select how far you’re willing to travel and it presents the live event options within that distance. When searching for an event, you will be able to determine how far you want to travel by using the radius slider. Maybe you are looking for an event that will fit into a weekend road ...


Back to Football!

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We are huge sports fans at Ticketmaster and we know you are just as excited as we are that football season is finally here.

We’ve worked with the NFL over the last several seasons on the NFL Ticket Exchange. It is the only official ticket exchange of the NFL where fans can buy and sell tickets with confidence that every ticket purchased is authentic so you are guaranteed a real ticket, every time.

If you are looking to catch your favorite team in action, there are some tickets still available through and there are tens of thousands of tickets posted on the NFL Ticket Exchange. You can check out each week’s top NFL matchups on the NFL Ticket Exchange’s Buzz Index.

Let us know what you think and thank you for being a ...


Android users rejoice: Ticketmaster launches Android App

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We constantly think about ways to help you find live events that you will love. We now have a free app for Android users to discover new events and purchase tickets, from wherever you are. You can download the mobile app from Google Play. With location services enabled, your phone will find events nearby and there are plenty of adjustable filters that will help make these suggestions customized for you.

We are fanatical about providing the best mobile ticketing solutions on the planet and with the addition of this Android app, we now have mobile solutions across major mobile platforms. We announced the Ticketmaster app for iPhone® earlier this year and we have a mobile optimized site. If you have an iPhone, you can join the nearly 1 million current users by downloading the free app from the App Store and if you have a non-Android and non-iPhone, you ...


Hot Summer Nights and Even Hotter Summer Deals

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Summer is the perfect time to dial up your social life and catch a show, go to a concert, grab a game or take the family to the circus. Today we just launched one of our biggest ticket promotions yet (actually we combined five promotions into one) …Summer Ticket Deals.

This three week seasonal promotion features hot events and offers from four fan-favorite promotions: 2 For 1 Tickets, Me+3 4-Packs, $40 Below Tickets (plus per order processing fee) and Tickets Under $25 (plus per order processing fee), and we are adding a new promotion, More Ticket Deals, featuring savings up to 50%. Fans can find all Summer Ticket Deal tickets at:

The sale starts ...



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You already know the drill: Concert tickets for a popular artist go on sale and, before you’ve had a chance to check your schedule, the event is sold out — or at least all the decent seats are gone.

Ever wonder why that’s the case?

Some scalpers use sophisticated computer programs called BOTS to snag all of the good seats as soon as the tickets hit the market. This makes it increasingly difficult for you to get the seats you want at face value.

We hate BOTS. They hammer our system and website, they substantially increase our technology costs, they anger our customers and they keep us from building a direct relationship with fans. Most importantly, the impact BOTS have on you, our fans, isn’t fair. We want them gone. This is why we have worked tirelessly for years with legislators, law enforcement, technology, and others to try to stop ...


Our interactive seat maps integrated with Facebook

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We've spent a lot of time over the past year on two big ongoing goals:

One, obsess about the fan experience. Continue to innovate around all aspects of attending live events.

Two, make buying tickets more social. We want to continue to make shopping through our sites the most social eCommerce experience on the web.

One of our big efforts has been the development and rollout of our interactive seat maps. We now have more than 9,000 events on our sites with this new technology and we've learned a lot talking directly to consumers about how it's impacted their purchase experience. One thing jumped out early on: people were buying tickets they would not have otherwise purchased because they could select seats near where friends or family were already sitting. Which got us thinking, that must take a fair amount of coordination - how can we make it easier?

At ...


Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

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We’re happy to announce that you can now choose your exact seats for most Major League Baseball games on We’ve added our new Interactive Seat Maps to America’s favorite pastime!

Due to the size of these stadiums (usually around 50,000 seats), this was no small undertaking--but well worth the effort. As you can see by the examples below, there’s now no better to way to find the best seats you want at most of our MLB clients' ballparks. Check it out and as always, let us know what you think.

Yankees vs. Red Sox

Dodgers vs. Giants

Angels vs. Rangers

Braves vs. ...



“My Cart” Will Change the Way You Shop for Tickets

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Does this sound familiar?

You find the event you’re dying to see on any ticketing site, search for the perfect tickets, select them … then leave the site (and lose your progress) to coordinate with friends and family.

What if you could stash your seat selections in a shopping cart so you wouldn’t have to start from scratch when you came back? Now you can. With the all-new My Cart that launched this week on and, you can pick up right where you left off – without having to find your way back to the event and select the same tickets all over again.

And although we can’t hold the seats, if they’re still available when you return you can jump back into the buy process with one click. If they aren’t available we’ll check for comparable seats and grab those! And if nothing like them is left, ...


Friends on Ticketmaster and Live Nation

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These two truths we hold self-evident: 1) too many fans miss shows/games/events because they didn’t know about them in advance and, 2) passionate, trend-setting fans make the best marketers. So as of this week we’ve taken a significant step forward in empowering fans to help solve the live event industry’s awareness challenges. We’ve begun the rollout of some great new functionality on and that fundamentally changes the way people share information about the live events they love with their friends.

Our new functionality is live on many of our artist pages, venue pages, event pages, and the confirmation page after you’ve completed a purchase. The concept is simple: instead of letting your friends know you’ve purchased tickets by calling or emailing them, start sharing simply by clicking the ‘Attending’ button right after you’ve purchased. If someone else purchased tickets for you, go to the show’s page on our ...


Hear What Fans are Saying about our 3-Day Refund Policy

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Here’s some preliminary fan data to share on the refund policy we’ve launched for some events on (check it out here). ]None of this data is meant to be a predictor of future behavior, but it looks like the message is pretty clear – fans like it and it makes them more comfortable buying tickets. We continue to monitor the policy to ensure it isn’t exploited to the detriment of fans. Thanks for the ongoing feedback:



CEO – Ticketmaster

Learn more about the Ticketmaster 3-day Refund Policy and Fan Guarantee



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