Rondell Maxwell Shares his Sports Hero Story – What Was Yours Growing Up?

Rondell Maxwell from Boys and Girls Club of America

Sometimes we can get so wrapped up with our sports heroes that we overlook the people who do heroic deeds off the court. That’s why Ticketmaster took some time on Friday, February 14th to honor one particular inspirational young man who exhibits great strength of character.

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Fan Poll: Who Will Go to the Men’s NCAA Final Four?


The Madness begins March 18 as the finest college bballers vie for the NCAA National Championship. For newbies, here’s how it goes down: 68 teams start in the NCAA tournament and eventually get whittled down to the Sweet Sixteen. The toughest teams from that group then move on to the NCAA Final Four. One team of super-talented athletes will emerge as the national champ. Read the rest of this entry »

Angels and Yankees Create “Fans First” Secondary Ticket Marketplace


In 2013, Ticketmaster partnered with two major league baseball teams, the Los Angeles Angels and the New York Yankees, in order to create a “fans first” secondary ticket marketplace for fans of each team. We had the aim of creating exchanges where baseball lovers could find the seats they really want and purchase those tickets directly and securely from season ticket holders. Read the rest of this entry »

Ticketmaster Gives Back to Military and First Responders


Ticketmaster and our clients give back to military and first responders with new GovX partnership

Ticketmaster has created an easy way for our clients – the teams, artists, and shows that America loves – to thank military members, first responders and government personnel year around, by providing special ticket offers through a new partnership with GovX.
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#Fanprobs – A GIF series for the most dedicated music lovers


We all know that concert goers are some of the most passionate people out there. We go out of our way to make sure that we support our favorite artists no matter what the circumstances. Some may call us crazy or obsessed, but we know they’d rather be called loyal. Devoting so much time and energy to an artist brings about some unique problems. Here’s our top picks of #FanProbs as explained through a set of GIFs.
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What’s in a Presale Ticket? 10 Ways You Can Take Advantage

Ticketmaster Resale Codes

Ah, the age-old mystery of the presale ticket. Before an event goes on sale, ticket wizards pull Houdini-like stunts and grab tickets out of thin air before anyone else can blink—right? Well, not exactly. There’s more to a presale than that and it doesn’t require any magic to take advantage—you only need to know where to look…

Ticket Presales Defined

The presale period is when certain event tickets go on sale to a specified group of fans, usually as a reward for their membership or customer loyalty. In advance or during the presale timeframe*, these select fans are given a code which allows them to search for tickets to buy. Fans aren’t guaranteed a ticket during the presale, but they’re given the opportunity to browse ahead of other fans who don’t have the code.

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