2014 NFL Football Draft 101

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Spring is here and for football fans, that means the 2014 NFL Draft! NFL teams can develop their rosters in three ways: by signing free-agents, making trades or the Draft. The NFL Draft is the League’s most common source of player recruitment so there is no wonder why it is highly revered by so many fans.

A record, 30 players, will be attending the 2014 NFL Draft.1 Have you been to the NFL Draft? What was your experience like?

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The NFL Draft is a 3-day event in which all 32 teams select from a pool of elite college football players. The draft follows a simple format and places the teams in a specific draft order. This format allows teams to build upon their draft picks and also gives picks a chance to make a major impact. As we talk more about the draft, we want to take a closer look at how the selection process works. The draft is crucial component for all franchises so get clued in and don’t miss the 3-day draft, starting on May 8, 2014. Draft Order- Draft order is determined by each team’s ending record. The team with the worst record in the previous season gets first pick during the draft–followed by second worst and so on. If two teams share the same record at the end of the season, the NFL follows the criteria below to break the tie1;

  1. Strength of Schedule – refers to the combined win-loss record of the teams they played the previous season
  2. Divisional and Conference records
  3. A good ol’ fashioned coin toss

2014 NFL Draft Fact- The 16th (Dallas Cowboys) and 17th (Baltimore Ravens) pick in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft was decided by coin toss. The coin toss was held at the NFL Scouting Combine.1

On the Clock- During the draft, while deciding which player to select, the drafting team is referred to as being “on the clock”. When is your team on the clock? Find out below. 2014 NFL Draft Order – Round 11

  1. Houston Texans
  2. St. Louis Rams (Acquired via Trade from Washington Redskins)
  3. Jacksonville Jaguars
  4. Cleveland Browns
  5. Oakland Raiders
  6. Atlanta Falcons
  7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  8. Minnesota Vikings
  9. Buffalo Bills
  10. Detroit Lions
  11. Tennessee Titans
  12. New York Giants
  13. St. Louis Rams
  14. Chicago Bears
  15. Pittsburgh Steelers
  16. Dallas Cowboys
  17. Baltimore Ravens
  18. New York Jets
  19. Miami Dolphins
  20. Arizona Cardinals
  21. Green Bay Packers
  22. Philadelphia Eagles
  23. Kansas City Chiefs
  24. Cincinnati Bengals
  25. San Diego Chargers
  26. Cleveland Browns (Acquired via Trade from Indianapolis Colts)
  27. New Orleans Saints
  28. Carolina Panthers
  29. New England Patriots
  30. San Francisco 49ers
  31. Denver Broncos
  32. Seattle Seahawks

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1. 2014 NFL Draft Facts & Figures


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