Hot Summer Nights and Even Hotter Summer Deals

Ticketmaster Summer Ticket Deals

Summer is the perfect time to dial up your social life and catch a show, go to a concert, grab a game or take the family to the circus. Today we just launched one of our biggest ticket promotions yet (actually we combined five promotions into one) …Summer Ticket Deals.

This three week seasonal promotion features hot events and offers from four fan-favorite promotions: 2 For 1 Tickets, Me+3 4-Packs, $40 Below Tickets (plus per order processing fee) and Tickets Under $25 (plus per order processing fee), and we are adding a new promotion, More Ticket Deals, featuring savings up to 50%. Fans can find all Summer Ticket Deal tickets at:

The sale starts today!

Are Those Tickets Real?

Fake tickets suck

Are you one of the lucky ones that have a dream ticket to the NBA Finals? Planning to see your favorite artist this summer?

We love live events at Ticketmaster and while all events are special, certain events are really special and having tickets can be life changing. We just want to help make sure it is the good kind of life changing.

High demand events like these have tremendous fan interest and sadly that also means tremendous scalper interest and some scalpers create fake tickets and sell them to unknowing fans. It is devastating to be turned away at the door because the tickets you purchased are counterfeit.

We put together some of our best tips to help you avoid being scammed.

Before we get started, it is important to point out that counterfeit tickets are like counterfeit money in that reproductions can be very, very good and it is impossible to distinguish between a real and a fake. Be careful and think about buying tickets from a person on the street corner. (Seriously, when was the last time you laid out hundreds or thousands of dollars to a complete stranger? Don’t let this happen to you!)

When purchasing tickets, here are a few tips:

1.Try the venue, box office or primary ticketer first.

Often times tickets are available, even right before the event. If you buy your tickets from Ticketmaster, you are guaranteed it is an authentic ticket.

2. Make sure when you look for tickets online you are using the website you think you are using.

Many scalpers concoct urls to look like an extension of box office and charge astronomical prices. This is a tricky one, some of these website look SO much like the box office or artist fan club and their url is very similar to the box office and they may also use terms like “official” and before you know it you are buying really, really expensive tickets…. even when the ACTUAL box office has tickets available. This video will help you avoid these websites.


3. If you are purchasing tickets on the resale market, find a reputable business to do business with! Here’s what to look for:

  • Clear transaction terms that are stated up front. Reputable businesses let you know how much they will charge you;
  • A REFUND policy, but know that a refund policy doesn’t guarantee you entry;
  • Identification they are a reseller the website should state that they are a ticket reseller;
  • Specifics on the tickets, including shipping terms, if the reseller has the tickets in hands or if they are speculative tickets (speculative or “spec” ticket postings are when the resellers advertise tickets they don’t actually have, the telltale sign is a bunch of last row tickets listed at exorbitant prices. They do this so they can have the greatest flexibility to find tickets to deliver to the buyer); and
  • Reissued tickets with new barcodes. TicketFast® is a technology offered by Ticketmaster and TicketsNow. TicketsNow leverages TicketFast delivery instantly deliver the tickets and through the process the tickets are validated and new bar codes are reissued for the tickets that the buyer is purchasing. This means, you buy a ticket that was validated by TicketsNow the ticket is real, guaranteed.


4. Do NOT take pictures of your tickets and post them to Facebook or Tweet them. Scalpers take these images and make counterfeits.


5. And as many mothers have advised, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

We work hard every day to make things better for the fans and we hope these tips will help you avoid heartache. Thanks for being a fan!

Why We Are Leading The Fight Against BOTS (And You Should Too)

You already know the drill: Concert tickets for a popular artist go on sale and, before you’ve had a chance to check your schedule, the event is sold out — or at least all the decent seats are gone.

Ever wonder why that’s the case?

Some scalpers use sophisticated computer programs called BOTS to snag all of the good seats as soon as the tickets hit the market. This makes it increasingly difficult for you to get the seats you want at face value.

We hate BOTS. They hammer our system and website, they substantially increase our technology costs, they anger our customers and they keep us from building a direct relationship with fans. Most importantly, the impact BOTS have on you, our fans, isn’t fair. We want them gone. This is why we have worked tirelessly for years with legislators, law enforcement, technology, and others to try to stop their use. We’re proud to be the leaders in the industry on fighting against BOTS.

For example, one scalper—Wiseguys Inc.–hired Bulgarian programmers to build a network of computers to impersonate ticket buyers so they could buy tickets much quicker than real humans trying to online. We worked with law enforcement agencies to bring them to justice, and they were found guilty as felons last year. We have also successfully worked with lawmakers to introduce legislation banning the use of BOTS around the country, and worked with lawmakers in states like Tennessee to introduce meaningful change and transparency into the convoluted secondary market.

In addition to working with law enforcement and lawmakers, Ticketmaster successfully fends off millions of BOT attacks each year. We invest millions of dollars in our technology to differentiate the real fans from the BOTS. The anonymity of the internet makes it very difficult to determine whether a visitor to a website is a real fan or a BOT. Companies in other industries, from Google to online ad companies to blogs have similar problems. These computer programs are very sneaky and the scalpers who use them work hard to make sure they continually modify them, making it even harder to stop them, but we will continue to work hard to fight them. (For a rare peek into the nefarious life of a scalper, read Billboard’s Confessions of a Scalper.) That’s why it is so important that the laws are enforced rigorously, and that those who use and profit from BOTS be held accountable.

Ticketmaster actively works with lawmakers, law enforcement and with our clients to combat BOTS – and we have done this for years. Others in the industry appear to be finally waking up and following our lead on this issue. Even some pro-scalping groups, who have been caught red-handed exploiting fans, seem to be sheepishly supporting our anti-BOT efforts to cover their shameful tracks. We welcome all the help we can get. But actions speak louder than words. We challenge all in the industry to follow our lead and step up and take action against those who use and profit from BOTS.

Helping fans find what they need, even faster

Predictive search illustrated on TM.comWe have worked hard in the last couple of years to launch a number of ground-breaking innovations to help you discover events and make ticket purchasing as social and seamless as possible. Our ticketing app for Facebook®, mobile app, Facebook tagging in our interactive seat maps and acquisition of are some of the features on our highlight reel. While we were working on those, we didn’t forget about our mainstay,

A lot of the fans who land on our home page proceed immediately to search box at the top of the page and type in an artist team or venue name. We have recently added two features that will help you search much more efficiently – predictive search and supporting act display.

Predictive search allows fans to find what they are searching for more quickly and easily by suggesting popular artists and venues as fans types their search terms. Fans can then choose a suggestion without having to type the entire term. This will help with potential misspellings and incomplete search terms. When you select one of the suggestions a more targeted set of search results are returned, this helps you get to the event page faster.

The order of suggestions is based on a combination of lexical proximity and recent page views & tickets sales conducted on This ensures that the most relevant artists and venues are suggested prominently, while our very long tail of smaller artists and venues are still accessible – something that has always been challenging, given the hundreds of thousands of live-events offered on our site, and the wide variations in the way fans enter for artists (“Florence + the Machine” vs. “Florence & the Machine” vs. “Florence and the Machine”).

Supporting act displayWith supporting act display you can now find the opening band and see the full list of performers at larger festivals on Additionally, fans can learn more about the artist, read user-reviews of previous shows, and see their other upcoming concert dates by clicking any of the artists’ names to view their individual page.

We are gathering feedback on fans’ reaction to these and we continue to work on further enhancements within the live-event search & discovery paths. Let us know what you think and thank you for being a fan!

Ghost Lion Coming to a House of Blues Near You

In House Artist Project

The Tropical post-punk band, Ghost Lion, led by vocalist Blake Hanley, won Live Nation’s inaugural In House Artist Project. Live Nation created the employee competion, under the moniker In House Artist Project, to help support and develop emerging artists who also happen to be Live Nation Employees.

Over a six month period, 119 bands from around the world competed. Six winners were selected and an epic battle-of-the-bands culminated at the House of Blues on Sunset Strip in Hollywood. Vintage Tone, Magnuson, S.K. Robot, Ghost Lion, Mount Fabric and Carbellion rocked it out on the stage, with Ghost Lion emerging as the winner.

In addition to management consultation and a marketing fund, Ghost Lion earned a slot in an upcoming national House of Blues club tour.


Check Out Tonight’s Set List®, the growing community-managed database of more than 400K set lists for 24K artist in more than 70K venues, is coming to Live Nation. This one-of-a-kind archive spans decades of live music history, from the 1950s to last night’s concerts from around the world. We LOVE the community at and are thrilled to nurture and support it going forward.

Stay tuned as we extend the fun of a concert to before, during and after the show by integrating across mobile, apps and online. In the meantime, you can get ready for a concert by looking up the band’s most recent set lists or relive a favorite concert at

Grab Your iPhone

Ticketmaster app for iPhone

We’ve just launched our Ticketmaster app for iPhone®! You can download the free app from the: App Store.
This app will let you browse events and purchase tickets in real time from wherever you are. If you have your iPhone location services turned on, you can choose to have the app suggest upcoming local shows. It scans your library of music and makes recommendations based on relevant shows in your area. You can further personalize by using more than 40 filters.

We’ll be making a bunch of enhancements to it over the coming year, but we wanted to get the first version into your hands as soon as possible, because we know how much you love live events! There’s much more to come, so let us know what you think so far, we want your feedback so we can build the best experience for you.