Stand by Your Friends – Help the Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Relief Effort!

The devastation that is still unfolding in Japan affects the hearts and minds of us all. In the wake of this unimaginable series of events, we are humbled that we can use our ecommerce resources to lend a hand to the American Red Cross and help raise funds for the relief efforts. Please help in supporting the American Red Cross and the crucial aid and relief they are providing to those affected by the earthquake in Japan and tsunami throughout the Pacific.
You can start helping now by simply visiting Ticketmaster or Live Nation to make a donation. Or add an optional $5 donation at checkout when you buy tickets for most US events on or from March 30th through April 30th. 100% of your gift goes directly to the American Red Cross to support the relief effort and emergency services. For more information about Ticketmaster and the American Red Cross, please visit

From all of us at the Ticketmaster Family we thank you for your generosity and send our hope, love, and support to all affected by the Japan earthquake and Pacific tsunami.

We <3 Fans

At Ticketmaster Customer Care, we think of ourselves as the guardians of your awesome live event experience. We care passionately about live event fans, and we exist to get you to the event with the right tickets and info to make lifetime memories. We love what we do and we are working tirelessly to make your experience better each day.

You may have noticed some major changes we made to our Fan Guarantee last year. When you buy a ticket at a venue operated by Live Nation, you now have three days to return it, up until one week before the show. NO hassles, NO stress. The fan reaction to this change has been fantastic. Today about 15% of fans say they purchased tickets because of the guarantee! That’s great for our clients AND fans. Since launching this new feature, many other venues have signed up to join the program to help give you more peace of mind, and we’re adding more every month.

We’re here to help you! We have thousands of team members around the world who show up each day looking for ways to make your experience great. And there are lots of ways to get help. Have you seen our site lately? We’ve got tons of info about the show, fan reviews, directions, and suggestions for other stuff to do. But if you want to communicate with someone one-on-one, we also have customer care centers loaded with passionate staff, ready to answer your call or email. We handle millions of calls and emails every month. Every single one matters to us.

We’re also here to help after you purchase your tickets. Last year our fan support teams assisted over 4 million fans with rescheduled, time changed or cancelled events. Did you know that we also monitor social media to proactively look for ways to help fans? From a fan who left his tickets at home on the way to the show, to another who just needed to exchange her seats for a different date, we are keeping an eye on social to ensure you have a great time at your event.

Finally, we want you to know we’re not finished improving. We listen to everything you tell us. We send out customer surveys by the thousands and analyze your responses looking for ways to enhance our services further. We want to hear your opinions on how we’re doing! So if there is anything we can do to help, call us, send us an email, ping us on Facebook or send a Tweet to @Ticketmaster. We want you to know we’re here to help and we care, ’cause we’re fans too. Talk soon!

Evolving Social Commerce

Back in November we announced our new Facebook integration on and and we’re excited to share a quick update on how it’s driving great engagement on our sites and more importantly, driving incremental ticket sales on behalf of our clients. Each day we are getting thousands of RSVPs (people hitting the ‘attending’ button), ‘likes’ from artist and venue pages, and ‘recommends’ on our event pages.

To date, the traffic and sales that those drive make each RSVP worth over $5 in sales for our clients. Each Like or Recommend is worth just under $3. And those numbers don’t count engagement and sales driven through the modules on our site, or someone being made aware of a show coming to town by seeing a story in their newsfeed and then coming back and buying tickets later.

Here are a few examples:

Artist/Team/Show pages with good ‘Like’ activity and recent ‘RSVPs’:


Taylor Swift


Detroit Red Wings

Event pages ‘Recommends’:

New Kids/Backstreet Boys

Kenny Chesney


It’s a great start as we evolve into one of the most social commerce sites on the web and mobile, and we’re not stopping here. Stay tuned for more to come…

“My Cart” Will Change the Way You Shop for Tickets

Does this sound familiar?

You find the event you’re dying to see on any ticketing site, search for the perfect tickets, select them … then leave the site (and lose your progress) to coordinate with friends and family.

What if you could stash your seat selections in a shopping cart so you wouldn’t have to start from scratch when you came back? Now you can. With the all-new My Cart that launched this week on and, you can pick up right where you left off – without having to find your way back to the event and select the same tickets all over again.

And although we can’t hold the seats, if they’re still available when you return you can jump back into the buy process with one click. If they aren’t available we’ll check for comparable seats and grab those! And if nothing like them is left, we’ll take you back to the event page so you can search again immediately.

My Cart is also an excellent way to compare tickets across different event dates. Just put them all in your cart to comparison shop in one super convenient spot.

You’ll also notice other key improvements to the checkout process, including simpler steps for adding other options (parking, t-shirts, food, etc.) to your ticket. These items are often offered by the artist, team, or venue to make the event experience even better, and now they’re easier to read and add to your order in the time allowed, relieving checkout pressure.

We hope you appreciate the changes, and we always love to hear from you – email us!