“My Cart” Will Change the Way You Shop for Tickets

Does this sound familiar?

You find the event you’re dying to see on any ticketing site, search for the perfect tickets, select them … then leave the site (and lose your progress) to coordinate with friends and family.

What if you could stash your seat selections in a shopping cart so you wouldn’t have to start from scratch when you came back? Now you can. With the all-new My Cart that launched this week on Ticketmaster.com and Livenation.com, you can pick up right where you left off – without having to find your way back to the event and select the same tickets all over again.

And although we can’t hold the seats, if they’re still available when you return you can jump back into the buy process with one click. If they aren’t available we’ll check for comparable seats and grab those! And if nothing like them is left, we’ll take you back to the event page so you can search again immediately.

My Cart is also an excellent way to compare tickets across different event dates. Just put them all in your cart to comparison shop in one super convenient spot.

You’ll also notice other key improvements to the checkout process, including simpler steps for adding other options (parking, t-shirts, food, etc.) to your ticket. These items are often offered by the artist, team, or venue to make the event experience even better, and now they’re easier to read and add to your order in the time allowed, relieving checkout pressure.

We hope you appreciate the changes, and we always love to hear from you – email us!

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